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OpenScape Business

OpenStage 10 T / 15 T / 20 T / 30 T / 40 T / 60 T / 80 T Digital Phone

OpenStage 10 T / 15 T / 20 T /30 T / 40 T / 60 T / 80 T digital phones a new era of high value in people-centric communication solutions. Combining high tech and stylish design, the OpenStage family of phones establishes a new benchmark for communication devices. Incorporating a completely new user interface for an intuitive and rich communications experience the entire family of devices offers a host of innovative features.


OpenStage 10 T   OpenStage 15 T

OpenStage 10 T is the device of choice wherever only the most essential telephone functions are required. OpenStage 10 T is suitable for use in reception areas and warehouses, for example.


OpenStage 15 T is a full-featured speakerphone with display and illuminated feature keys that could be used for up to 8 line appearances, for example. 


OpenStage 20 T

OpenStage 20 T is a full-featured speakerphone with its intuitive and interactive user interface is a universal solution for efficient and professional telephony.


OpenStage 30 T

Customizable for various workplace environments, OpenStage 30 T is recommended for use as an office phone or for call center staff.


OpenStage 40 T

Compared with the OpenStage 30 T, OpenStage 40 T has a larger tiltable display with easily programmed soft-labeled (paperless phone) touch sensor keys.


OpenStage 60 T

Offers top-notch functionality and innovations, combining a maximum of usability with a clear, intuitive and sleek design. Its functionality and personalization options make this phone the first choice for boss-/secretary environments.


Key Module 15

Busy Lamp Field 40

OpenStage 80 T

OpenStage 80 T has the same functional scope as OpenStage 60 T. Premium colors, materials and components turn this device into an extraordinary user experience. Interfaces for easy synchronization with other devices, like PDA and mobile phone are specially designed with the needs of the top level manager and executive in mind.

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